The problems of not high-quality cosmetics and fake brands.

In this article we will look at the problems of not high-quality cosmetics and fake brands.

Without make-up, almost no modern woman presents her way out of the house. To create it, mascara is used, which highlights them, makes them longer.

  • The result is not high-quality cosmetics
  • The appearance of various allergic reactions;
  • Irritations and skin rashes;
  • Premature wrinkles around the eyes.

Causes of mascara allergy

1. There was an individual intolerance. Often an allergy is caused by a single component from the composition of the product. Most often it can be silicone, lanolin or essential oils.
2. Used expired cosmetics. After the useful life has expired, the components of the carcass begin to decompose and change the molecular composition. It is important to remember that the eyes are a very sensitive organ, even a small amount of low-quality product can cause severe inflammation and irritation.

The composition of the carcass can be caring components

Lanolin serves to prevent dry and fragile eyelashes, proteins (usually wheat germ proteins are used) provide active growth, melanin provides protection against aggressive environmental factors, keratin is a natural protein that, when applied, covers each eyelash with a thin film, strengthening it.

Non-compliance with eye hygiene.

As a separate consequence of the use of carcasses, non-observance of ordinary hygiene rules should be highlighted. In the evening, it is imperative to remove makeup, remove the remains of mascara from the eyelashes, as they can get into the eye during the night and thus cause an inflammatory reaction. They often forget about this moment and look for the reason for anything, but not in their neglect of the rules of hygiene.

Relieve inflammation

Having determined the symptoms and causes of inflammation, you need to consider how and with the help of what you can remove inflammation. Say at once that with severe inflammation, the first step is to consult a doctor and all manipulations should be carried out only under his supervision. First, you will need to pass tests to identify the causes of inflammation, to determine that it is – an allergy or contact inflammation. Alleviate the inflammation will help eye drops (levomycetin, albutsit), antihistamines.

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