Do Men Have Longer Eyelashes Than Women?

why do men have longer eyelashes than girls

Framing dark hairs around the eyes is a sign of expressiveness and attractiveness. Girls like long eyelashes in men, a languid look from under them. Often, the stronger sex has longer and longer hairs than girls. What’s the secret?

Did you ever wonder if men really do have longer lashes? The Blog (Your-beautyy) decided to look into the truth behind the myth, why some people have naturally long eyelashes and some people don’t? Have you ever wondered if genetics caused eyelash length? 

The guys have eyelashes tend to be the same – look at the eyelashes of a 4 year old boy and girl and they should be similar. It’s all about the problems is with the use of mascara every day. This manipulation will apply tension to the eyelashes and also break off any weak parts.

In fact, the only secret: the hair growth in men which is more than women. Just as men have more hair on arms, leg, chest, back they are likely to have thicker eyelashes and eyebrows too.

Effects on the length, density of male testosterone. 

The more it is contained in the body, the thicker the hairline on the body, face. The strength, elasticity of the hair depends on the amount.