The whole truth about eyelash extensions

From whether your natural lashes will be damaged to lash extensions are one size fits all, we’re sharing the truth about the most common lash extension myths!

Ways to increase eyelashes

Our eyelashes are one of your most striking features. They give an instant lift to your eye makeup and also frame your eyes beautifully. Learn how to maintain your eyelashes in perfect condition and increase their growth with traditional methods.

How to avoid loss of eyelashes?

If you wear mascara and your eyelashes fall out excessively, you may be allergic to the product. Let’s analyze the causes of lash loss and how to avoid them.

Does mascara damage eyelashes?

To date, a large selection of cosmetics, but unfortunately well-known brands forge. You should more carefully choose cosmetics for yourself, and read the composition.

Latisse for eyebrows

Can I use Latisse for eyebrows? All the secrets of growth and recovery.