All the secrets of beautiful extension eyelashes

During the extension, the artificial cilia glued to the natural eyelashes.

You can wear eyelashes for about 3-4 weeks, and then you need to make a correction or remove the extension. But all is not well; this method has its negative aspects. First, you need to choose the right specialist. And make sure about the quality of the materials.

When you do not need to increase eyelashes.

If you have thin and brittle eyelashes from nature, then it is better not to experiment with extensions. Contraindications to the procedure – eye disease. For example, conjunctivitis and allergic reactions.

The pros are pretty obvious.

If nature created the girl with lush cilia, then with the help of artificial, her eyes will look more expressive. Now you do not need to worry about the flowed mascara in front of you.

Let’s look at the effects of eyelash extensions

  • Not high-quality glue that applied to your eyelashes. Weak quality glue can provoke a tooth, swelling, and even allergies.
  • Poor compatibility with contact lenses.
  • In the first place is the care and caring attitude. First of all, it is not welcome to sleep on your stomach and face in a pillow, rub your eyes.
  • It is necessary to correct periodically. The high-quality procedure is pretty not cheap.

Loss of eyelashes after extension

Unfortunately, not a specialist will give you a guarantee that after the procedure, your eyelashes will not start to fall out. The lashes under such pressure become weaker, and the risk of falling out significantly.

Need to know

  • Avoid steam and wetting your lashes for the first 45 hours
  • Don’t wash your eyes or shower within 24 hours of application
  • If you wear contact lenses. The risk of allergic reactions increases and inflammatory processes may occur
  • There is chronic conjunctivitis. The procedure will only aggravate the disease
  •  If natural eyelashes are thin and weak. Before building, it is better to wait until your eyelashes are restored and grow back.